2012-13 Catalog

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Arts in New York


Spring 2013 quarter

Ariel Goldberger creativity, artistic process, mysticism, writing
Fields of Study
aesthetics, architecture, dance, media arts, music, theater and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
arts, visual arts, performing arts, media arts, aesthetics, photography, architecture, critical theory, humanities, cultural studies, social sciences, museum studies, material culture, and the leisure and tourism industry.

This program will study the intense and lively cultural life of New York City, the most active arts production center in the United States, and perhaps the world.

Students and faculty will collaborate on final touches to the program in Olympia, then fly to New York for seven weeks (options from 4 to 10 weeks) to engage in program and individual project-related activities. 

Program activities will consist of weekly cultural events and shows in as many art genres as possible followed by seminars on readings in contemporary art theory. The class will explore a wide range of sites and art forms in venues ranging from established world-renowned institutions to emergent art spaces.  

Arts events may include visits to galleries in Chelsea, MOMA, DIA Arts Center, PS1, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and emerging venues. The class will attend culturally relevant institutions such as the Japan Society, Asia Society, Jewish Museum, Harlem Studio Museum, and El Museo del Barrio to experience cultural diversity.

Performance venues may include Galapagos Space, PS 122, La MAMA, The Kitchen, HERE, off-off-Broadway, BAM, or emerging and more traditional venues. Dance events may include contemporary performances, experimental works, or festivals. The class may attend poetry readings at different venues such as The Bowery Poetry Club, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The New York Public Library, or Poets' House. 

Individual projects will be based on personal learning goals and may include internships, work in the arts, writing or research. Students will convene during the final week for presentations of their individual projects to the class.

As part of the New York experience, students will be responsible for making all necessary arrangements for their travel, room and board, event tickets (once selected by the class) and individual projects. Each student's expenses will depend on individual resourcefulness. 

Online Learning
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Required Fees
$350 for art event tickets.
Special Expenses
Students will be responsible for making all necessary arrangements for their travel, room and board, as well as budgeting for event tickets for their individual projects. Students should count on expenses adding up to $2000 or even more, or less, depending on individual resourcefulness.
Internship Possibilities
Students are welcome to propose internships in New York as a component of their individual projects.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
November 1st, 2012 This program has been cancelled. Ariel Goldberger is joining Body, Voice and Imagination.