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Winter 2013 and Spring 2013 quarters

Leslie Flemmer teacher education, critical pedagogy
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Preparatory for studies or careers in
education, cultural studies

In what ways does the contested space of public classrooms, schools, and educational policies disrupt our understanding of free, universal, and compulsory education? What challenges and opportunities does teaching in a democratic society provide? 

This two-quarter program focuses on the interplay of social contexts that ground education, teaching, and learning through analysis of contemporary educational policies, practices, and theories. We will examine the interrelationships of daily classroom realities, philosophical positions, and cultural practices. Further, our exploration of the history of schooling and current reform movements in public schools may inform how we can meet an increasingly diverse student population (i.e., cultural, linguistic, and economic). Essential questions around multiculturalism, identity, construction of knowledge, and issues of power will be discussed as will more specific issues such as tracking, standardized testing, dropouts, and student-centered learning.  Through reading, writing, discussion, reflection, film analysis, problem based research, and the practice of teaching, students will answer questions about education, explore their experiences, and begin to develop a philosophy of education.

Winter quarter will focus on the historical and philosophical antecedents that inform our current practices as well as reform movements that ask our society to rethink and reimagine our compulsory educational system. Students will develop a philosophy of education which will inform practices of teaching they will explore in the spring.

Spring quarter, students will explore pedagogical practices of teaching from funds of knowledge to critical pedagogy. In conjunction with their philosophy, students will create an experience of teaching in which they will develop a day in the life of their ultimate school setting as reflective and critical educational practitioners.

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