2012-13 Catalog

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Offering Description

Individual Study: Psychology and Integrative Health

Spring 2013 quarter

Mukti Khanna psychology
Fields of Study
health and psychology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
psychology, the health professions, human services and education.

This opportunity allows students to create their own course of study in the form of an Individual Learning Contract or Internship. Working with the faculty sponsor, individual students or small groups of students design projects or internships and meet regularly with faculty to reflect on their work. Students pursuing individual studies or internships in psychology, integrative health, mind-body medicine, service learning, expressive arts therapy and cultural studies are invited to submit contracts through the online learning contract system to khannam@evergreen.edu. While this opportunity is oriented towards sophomores-seniors, freshmen contracts will be considered if they are part of a group project or applying for an internship.

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Internship Possibilities
With faculty approval.
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