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Fall 2012 quarter

Alison Styring ornithology , Dina Roberts conservation biology, wildlife management
Fields of Study
ecology, environmental studies, field studies, natural history and zoology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
ornithology, zoology, ecology, natural history and wildlife biology.

Birds are the most diverse vertebrates found on the earth. We will explore the causes of this incredible diversity through a well-rounded investigation of general bird biology, the evolution of flight (and its implications), and the complex ecological interactions of birds with their environments. This program has considerable field and lab components and students will be expected to develop strong bird identification skills, including Latin names, and extensive knowledge of avian anatomy and physiology. We will learn a variety of field and analytical techniques currently used in bird monitoring and research. We will take several day trips to field sites in the Puget Sound region throughout the quarter to hone our bird-watching skills and practice field-monitoring techniques. Students will keep field journals documenting their skill development in species identification and proficiency in a variety of field methodologies. Learning will also be assessed through exams, quizzes, field assignments, group work and participation.

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Upper Division Science Credit
Students seeking to earn upper division credit must contact the faculty to discuss options prior to the start of the quarter.
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August 28th, 2012 Dina Roberts has joined the teaching team; enrollment has been increased.