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Spanish V (at SPSCC)


Spring 2013 quarter

L. Flores
Fields of Study
language studies
First quarter of second-year Spanish (SPAN& 221 or SPAN 201) or equivalent or instructor's permission.

Evergreen students wishing to take Spanish V by attending classes at SPSCC may use this CRN to do so.  The class should be the equivalent of Intermediate Spanish II at Evergreen.  The course focuses on consolidation and expansion of communicative skills in speaking, reading, and writing acquired in introductory Spanish language courses as well as increasing cultural competency.

This course requires that students have regular access to high-speed internet, login to the publisher's website (subscription included with purchase of a new textbook), and complete online assignments. The text, from Vista Higher Learning is Suena 2e (Student Edition + Supersite: 978-1-60576-250-0) -- $80.00 net/ $96 VHL Store.

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12-1:05p Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu at South Puget Sound Community College
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March 11th, 2013 Added to the online catalog.