2012-13 Catalog

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Surviving Middle Management

Spring 2013 quarter

Steven Johnson
Fields of Study
business and management

People go to work every day where they work hard, do a good job, and wonder why others have been selected for advancement or special assignments. Or, they get promoted, receive minimal training, and are put in a leadership roll where they soon feel lost and start to struggle. Whether just starting out in your first career, having been in the workforce for years, or thinking about changing careers, it’s time to take charge of your future. This is a "nuts and bolts" course designed provide students with an opportunity to assess their skills and plan for their future success while preparing them to assume more responsibilities within an organization and develop both management processes and leadership skills.

Advertised Schedule
6-10p Fri, Apr. 5 and 9a-4p Sat (Apr. 13, 27, May 11, 25, Jun. 8)
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No Required Online Learning
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Evening and Weekend