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The Coen Brothers

Summer 2013 quarter

Mark Harrison theatre, opera, film, performance studies
Fields of Study
American studies and moving image

For more than 25 years, Joel and Ethan Coen, aka The Coen Brothers, have been among the most revered, controversial, and influential filmmakers of modern cinema.  Their subjects are uniquely American.  Their idiosyncratic filmmaking style ranges from original films to screen adaptations of diverse sources.  They have recast classic genres, such as film noir, screwball comedy and the Western (to name a few) within a post-modern perspective.  This program will explore the influences on and the art and legacy of the Coen Brothers.  This is a partial online program.  Students will need access to a comprehensive source for DVD rentals (such as Netflix, Amazon.com, Deep Discount, etc.) and will be using Moodle for required online seminars.

Advertised Schedule
10a-6p Sat (Jun. 29 - Jul. 27) plus 8 hours of online work per week in lieu of class. 
Online Learning
Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online
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$25 for teaching assistant
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