2012-13 Catalog

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Water and Watersheds

Summer 2013 quarter

Paul Pickett water resources engineering
Fields of Study
environmental studies and sustainability studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
environmental studies, sciences, resource planning
One quarter of introductory environmental studies

Water has been described as the "Oil of the 21st Century." The world’s limited supply of water faces huge challenges of human demand and contamination. This course explores the many dimensions of water resources and the critical problems of managing water for humans and the environment. An integrating focus for the course will be watersheds, where many dimensions of environmental function and human activity overlap.

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6-10p Mon/Wed (Jul. 29 - Aug. 28)
Online Learning
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Upper Division Science Credit
Undergraduate students seeking upper division science credit will develop a custom study plan for the course, to be approved by the instructor, which will identify the science content of the student's work.
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