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What is Society?


Summer 2013 quarter

Wenhong Wang sociology, journalism, communication
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What is society? Who are we? What is the relation between society and individuals? Why are we who we are? This program will answer these questions through the lens of sociology. As one of the core social sciences, sociology is a way of making sense of and engaging with the world around us. This program is intended to increase our understanding of ourselves and the dynamics that drive relationships between individuals and groups. We will cover the key concepts and theoretical perspectives of basic sociology and basic methodologies of sociological research. Weekly meetings will include lectures, workshops, book seminars, and individual and group work. We will also conduct social experiments and field work to get our feet wet in social scientific research.

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9:30-5p Tue/Thu (Jun. 25 - Jul. 25)
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Program Revisions

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June 3rd, 2013 Cancelled: This offering has been cancelled due to low enrollment.