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Anthropology [clear]

As a multidisciplinary study of humans present and past, anthropology finds its way into many Evergreen programs. You will find opportunities to think deeply about our contemporary ways of life and to consider the pre-modern and non-industrial human experience. Anthropology faculty offer instruction and guidance to do ethnographic fieldwork: approaches to listening, observing, documenting, and reflecting that will enable you to engage meaningfully with people and topics that matter to their communities. Evergreen programs combine the study of anthropology with history, psychology, sociology, literature, religion and biology in integrated and contemporarily relevant ways.

Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Heather Heying
Signature Required: Winter 
  Program JR–SR 16 Day W 14 S 14
Michael Paros
Signature Required: Winter 
  Program FR–SR 16 Day W 14
Thomas Rainey and John Baldridge
  Program SO–SR 8 Evening and Weekend W 14 S 14
Karen Gaul, Rita Pougiales and Julie Russo
  Program FR–SR 8, 16 Day F 13 W 14 S 14
Rita Pougiales
  Program FR–SR 8 Day Su 14 Session I
Ryo Imamura
Signature Required: Spring 
  Contract SO–SR 16 Day S 14
Eric Stein and Toska Olson
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 13 W 14 S 14
Tom Womeldorff, Catalina Ocampo and Alice Nelson
  Program FR–SR 16 Day W 14
Peter Dorman
  Program JR–SR 16 Day F 13 W 14 S 14