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Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Andrew Buchman, Doreen Swetkis and Zoe Van Schyndel
  Program SO–SR 16 Day F 13 W 14
Rose Jang and David Shaw
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 13
Robert Esposito
  Program FR–SR 16 Day S 14
Andrea Gullickson
  Program FR–SR 8 Day Su 14 Session I
David Wolach
  Course FR–SR 4 Evening and Weekend S 14
Cynthia Kennedy and Walter Grodzik
  Program FR–SR 16 Day and Weekend S 14
Marla Elliott
  Course FR–SR 2 Evening and Weekend Su 14 Session I
Doreen Swetkis
Signature Required: Spring 
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day S 14
Marla Elliott and Marcella Benson-Quaziena
  Program JR–SR 8 Weekend F 13 W 14 S 14
Rose Jang and Mingxia Li
  Program FR–SR 16 Day W 14 S 14