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Contemporary Challenges to Building a Clean Energy Future

Winter 2014 quarter

Alan Hardcastle energy workforce and labor markets, education and training, organizational analysis and development , Anthony Usibelli

This course will examine current trends in the clean energy sector and the intersections with efforts to develop a green and sustainable economy and environment that also enhances social equity.  The class will integrate research and readings with guest lectures and seminar discussion to explore the current social, technical and political context for the shift to clean energy.  The class will include a special focus on the energy labor market, human resources, education and training, and societal implications for regional alternative energy and energy efficiency initiatives. A one-day field trip to Tacoma Power will be included.  The trip will likely be on a Friday.

2013 Syllabus

Faculty Biography:

Alan Hardcastle, Ph.D., has over 20 years of research, policy and consulting experience through public and private-sector clients in industry, organized labor, education, workforce, and economic development.  He serves on the 5-state governance board of the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy-DOE-Smart Grid Workforce project and the advisory board of the Center of Excellence for Energy Technology (Centralia College).  He is a member of the state’s Evergreen Jobs Leadership Team, which is advising the Governor and Legislature on federal and state investments in energy-related workforce education, training and labor markets.  His current research addresses energy sector employment trends, the impact of Smart Grid technology on the energy workforce, energy efficiency/energy management education and training, and workforce development for the clean economy. He received his Ph.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change from the University of California, Los Angeles.  He lives in Olympia with his spouse Karen Ray, and their two children, Eric and Kayli.  He is active in various community service organizations, including the South Sound YMCA.  He enjoys running, hiking, camping and fly fishing.

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