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Analytical Techniques for Public Service I

Fall 2013 quarter

Cheryl Simrell King public administration , Moroni Benally , Marc Baldwin

Analytical Techniques for Public Service is a two-quarter long Core program for second-year MPA students. Across the two quarters we seek to: understand research methodology; understand why we do research in public service; become competent in quantitative and quantitative data collection and analysis; understand analytical techniques in practice (public policy; budgeting and finance; performance measurement and management; evaluation research; etc); situate analytical techniques in management/public policy (the context); become facile with the critiques of analytical techniques; develop skills in communicating about data (displaying data; presentations) and writing research reports; and become a savvy and sophisticated consumer of research. In the Fall quarter, we focus specifically on questions of design and the application of analytical techniques in public service.

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6-10p, Thurs, 9a-5p Sat Oct 19
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