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Nonprofit Theory and Practice

Fall 2013 quarter

Steven Laubacher non-profit administration, public administration, organizational behavior & organizational development

This course will provide a thorough introduction to nonprofit theory and practice through a comprehensive examination of the major systems of a nonprofit organization.  Specifically, we will examine the systems of programming (organizational output); business (accounting, program and capital budgeting; and support services such as technology); resource development (grant writing, event management; and personal solicitation); and human resources (hiring; managing the employment process; and evaluation).  We will also examine selected topics such as board governance, strategic planning, and/or personal interests of the participants.  This course will be the first of a three course series (offered in the fall, winter, and spring terms) that will focus on nonprofit organizations.  A major emphasis will be to give participants both a theoretical sense of the selected topics but also some practical tools that will enable an individual to excel within a nonprofit agency.  Students will benefit from taking any or all of the series.

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