2013-14 Catalog

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Advanced Audio Recording and Production Techniques I, II, III

Fall 2013, Winter 2014 and Spring 2014 quarters

Terry Setter music composition, theory, and technology
Fields of Study
media arts and music

This is a year-long long sequence of advanced audio production courses designed to support students who are interested in recording and producing music. Students will become familiar with advanced multitrack audio production techniques, their various applications, history, and aesthetics. Time will be spent each quarter developing the students’ ability to listen critically and providing instruction and exercises in the use of the advanced audio recording studio. In fall, students will train to pass the related proficiency test and develop an understanding of the technical and aesthetic history of audio production. Topics and activities will include basic acoustics; microphone design and placement; the use of compressors, limiters, and console block diagrams; and the theory of digital audio recording, with a strong emphasis on Digidesign’s Pro Tools software.  In winter, students will be provided with increasingly advanced instruction and exercises in the use of recording technologies with an emphasis on Pro Tools software, a number of plug-ins, and the creation of mixes, including those for inclusion in the Evergreen Student CD Project. Topics and activities will include techniques for recording a rock band, mixing techniques, and applications of various signal processors.  In spring, students will work to create well-balanced, innovative tracking and mixing. There will be an emphasis on mastering techniques and a field trip to four of Seattle’s most active recording studios.  The courses do not cover music production from electronic sources.

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2-7p Thu
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$50 for analog tape
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