2013-14 Catalog

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Offering Description

Arts and the Child: Student Projects

Spring 2014 quarter

Hirsh Diamant visual, expressive and media arts including arts of self cultivation, cultural and Chinese studies, human development, education
Fields of Study
education, media arts and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
teaching, education, social work

This opportunity for student-originated studies is designed for students who have taken one or both of the Arts and the Child courses in fall and winter quarters and wish to further pursue the topics of those courses.  In the first week of the quarter, each student will submit their project proposal and then complete that project during the quarter. This proposal will be designed with input from the faculty member.

All students will also participate in readings, classes, and on-line assignments in collaboration with other students.  A weekly class meeting will include seminars, workshops, and opportunities to share learning and project work.  Weekly on-line posts will highlight students' progress and learning. Students must attend and participate in all weekly sessions.

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5:30-7:30p Thu
Schedule and Location
Online Learning
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