2013-14 Catalog

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Offering Description

From the Fire: The Art and Science of Ceramics

Spring 2014 quarter

Dharshi Bopegedera physical chemistry , Susan Aurand ceramics, visual arts
Fields of Study
art history, chemistry and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
arts and sciences.

In this program, we will explore how artistic and scientific inquiries can lead to a better understanding of ceramics, a material that has been in human use since antiquity. We will study the principles of chemistry that will enable us to understand the properties of ceramics, which is an exceptional medium for creative expression. In the studio, students will learn basic hand-building techniques and gain an introduction to slips, stains, glazes and the firing process. We will also explore the basics of the chemistry of clay bodies, glaze formation and reduction versus oxidation firing. Program activities will include lectures, workshops, seminars, studios and labs. We expect everyone to create original artworks in ceramics and participate in lab experiences that will enrich their understanding of this material that has evolved with human history. No prior ceramics or chemistry experience is necessary.

Schedule and Location
Online Learning
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Required Fees
$50 for studio supplies.
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