General Chemistry II with Laboratory

Summer 2014 quarter (Session II)

Taught by

Hilary Palevsky


Successful completion of the first half of a year-long college level course in general chemistry or the equivalent.

This course is designed to offer the equivalent of the second half of a year-long course in general chemistry. The topics to be presented will include thermochemistry, properties and physical changes of matter, solution chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, and aqueous equilibria. Additional topics in electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and coordination chemistry may be presented if time permits. Course activities will include lectures, small-group problem-solving workshops, and laboratories. Laboratory work will build upon the skills learned in General Chemistry I, and provide hands-on experience with additional methods relevant to the topics presented in lecture. This is part two of a two course sequence, that together cover one year of general chemistry with lab.

Program Details

Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

organic chemistry, biology, geology, environmental science, physics, engineering, science education and health related fields 

Location and Schedule

Campus location



Offered during: Day

Advertised schedule: 9a-2P (Monday-Friday). The first class session will be on Wednesday, July 30th. There will be not be class on Friday, August 22nd and Friday, August 29th. A lunch break will take place each day and will be placed to best suit the day's learning agenda.


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Online Learning

Enhanced Online Learning: Access to web-based tools required, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.

Registration Information

Credits: 8 (Summer)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 34



Prerequisite is successful completion of General Chemistry I with Laboratory or the equivalent.

Course Reference Number

Second Session (8 credits): 40068

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