2013-14 Catalog

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Offering Description

Individual Study: Water Law, Cultural Studies and the Arts


Fall 2013 quarter

Cheri Lucas-Jennings law and public policy, environmental law
Fields of Study
American studies, aesthetics, agriculture, community studies, cultural studies, ecology, environmental studies, field studies, gender and women's studies, government, health, hydrology, international studies, law and public policy, media arts, political economy, political science, sustainability studies, visual arts and writing
Preparatory for studies or careers in
American studies, art, communications, community studies, cultural studies, environmental field studies, gender and women's health, history, law and government and public policy leadership.  

Individual studies offers important opportunities for advanced students to create their own course of study and research. Prior to the beginning of the quarter, interested individuals or small groups of students must consult with the faculty sponsor to develop an outline of proposed projects to be described in an Individual Learning Contract. If students wish to gain internship experience they must secure the agreement and signature of a field supervisor prior to the initiation of the internship contract.

This faculty welcomes internships and contracts in the areas of the arts (including acrylic and oil painting, sculpture, or textiles); water policy and hydrolic systems; environmental health; health policy; public law; cultural studies; ethnic studies; permaculture, economics of agriculture; toxins and brownfields; community planning, intranational relations.

This opportunity is open to those who wish to continue with applied projects that seek to create social change in our community; artists engaged in creative projects and those begining internship work at the State capitol who seek to expand their experience to public agencies and non-profit institutions; and to those interested in the study of low income populations and legal aid. 

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Internship Possibilities
Students may intern with legal research teams, public service grousp, and governmental or non-govenmental organizations. Students must complete an In-program Internship Learning Contract (designed for this program) in consultation with the faculty and Academic Advising.
May be offered again in
winter/spring 2014
Offered During
Day and Evening

Program Revisions

Date Revision
July 11th, 2013 New opportunity added.