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Japanese Culture: from Tea to Anime


Spring 2014 quarter

Tomoko Hirai Ulmer
Fields of Study
cultural studies and history

This is an introductory course on Japanese history and culture.

We will focus on anime, a popular visual art form, and chanoyu ( the way of tea), a centuries-old composite art. These two art forms draw from the same wellspring of Japanese culture and are both present in contemporary Japan.

We will examine Japanese history, worldviews, folklore, aesthetic sensitivity, performing arts and hero/heroine archetypes through readings, lectures, seminar discussion and student presentations.

This course will help you appreciate anime ’s stories and artistic expressions that you might otherwise overlook or misinterpret. You can start as an expert, fan or complete novice of amine and tea but you will deepen your understanding of these two artistic genres through your participation in this class.

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5:15-9p Wed
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August 29th, 2013 New course added August 29, 2013.