2013-14 Catalog

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Moving Towards Health


Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 quarters

Mukti Khanna psychology , Cynthia Kennedy leadership
Fields of Study
consciousness studies, dance, health, leadership studies, psychology and somatic studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
health-related fields, psychology, leadership positions and human services.

This two-quarter program explores the creation of health through mind-body perspectives. How can we engage in transformational conversations about the connections between personal, community and planetary health? Knowing that in every moment choices we make can move us toward health, or away from it, this program will explore the myriad ways we can embody choices that keep us and our communities vital and alive. Throughout the program, we will recognize that our individual choices can help us create both personal health and a sustainable environment, a conscious life and a positive presence in society.

Fall quarter we will explore systems of health and healing from multicultural, neurobiological and ecopsychological lenses. There is a synergistic relationship between planetary and personal well-being; the health of one is related to the health of the other. We will explore the relationship between the body and the natural world. We'll also explore somatic (body-based) literacy as it relates to leadership, communication and engagement with social issues. Somatic literacy includes listening and acting on information from the body. Winter quarter will allow students to design their own health-based project studies while continuing to explore self-leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence, health and self-image.

Students will have an opportunity to learn in many ways using diverse modalities and multiple intelligences. We will integrate somatic learning into our studies, including movement workshops (no prior experience necessary). Our inquiry will ask us to attune ourselves to the wisdom that is available and present in our mind-body awareness. We will participate in community readings, community service, rigorous writing assignments and critical study of important texts. Learning through multiple intelligences can be enjoyable.

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Required Fees
$40 in fall quarter for art supplies and $75 in winter for art supplies and the Lunar New Year workshop.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
December 4th, 2013 This program will accept new enrollment with faculty approval.
May 29th, 2013 Fees in fall have been reduced (from $90 to $40). A $75 fee for winter has been added.