Physical Computing: 3D Printing, Arduino and Mobile Devices

Summer 2014 quarter (Session II)

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mathematics, computer science
computer studies
Physical computing is computing that interacts with the physical world.  We will explore this in multiple forms, emphasizing 3D printing and Arduino-based robotics.  In addition, Android devices can be used to control physical devices through wireless communication.  We will generate 3D models using simple and free modeling programs.  We will work with 3D printers, using them to produce real objects and modifying them to make enhancements and correct problems.
Pysical Computing  can be an introduction to programming, integrating the arts, engineering and computing.  It  is also open to students who want to learn about microcontrollers and  explore more advanced work in computing.  
In addition, this program will give students an opportunity to program their own Android devices (tablets or phones) using AppInventor or Java.  AppInventor is a graphical programming environment that is both easy to use and introduces computational thinking.  More experienced students may want to use Java to create Apps to communicate with an Arduino.  

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Second Session (4 credits): 40106

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