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Psychology: Psychopathology and Everyday Life


Winter 2014 quarter

Candace Vogler psychology, child development, systems theory
Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Psychology, Social work, Mental Health, Education, Nursing, Medicine, Early Childhood Education, Infant Mental Health

This course is intended to fill two sets of educational goals. First, abnormal psychology is frequently required for applications to graduate studies in psychology, social work, etc. Second, psychopathology and abnormal psychology have important implications for everyday life relationships and daily functioning, separate from clinical diagnoses and categorizing. In this course, inquiry-based exploration of the role of early attachment and first relationships in psychological development will provide students with perspectives needed to understand how human relationships and the brain interact to shape levels of social and emotional functioning. Readings will include fiction, DSM V, and current articles and texts pertaining to the early developmental substrates of psychopathology. Students will be expected to work both independently and in small and large groups. Written assignments will include exploring personal psychological history, and more formal exploration of some aspect of psychopathology.  Successful completion of this course will meet expectations for abnormal psychology credit, and provide foundation for ongoing work in human services fields.

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6-10p Wed
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September 19th, 2013 Course added Sept. 19, 2013