Remix and Transform: An Introduction to Digital Video Editing


Summer 2014 quarter (Session II)

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media arts, media and film, experimental media

In a world increasingly made up of screens, it is important to know how to make and re-make images that matter. Students from all disciplines and skill levels are invited to take this course where we will learn how films and videos use editing to make meaning. 

In this hands on course students will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital video editing through a combination of screenings, class discussions, readings, exercises and projects. We'll look at examples of films and videos that take pre-existing footage and transform the meaning through "remixing" and transforming the original. We'll also look at some classical film and video editing techniques to better understand how these "rules of the trade" can be borrowed, transformed and broken in order to get our ideas across. Students will gain competency in a range of editing techniques appropriate for documentary, narrative and experimental video forms, and will learn to critically and formally analyze films and videos in order to better understand how editing (as well as other formal elements) come together in films to create meaning.

This course welcomes students of all skill levels. 

Program Details

Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

Visual Art, Media, Education

Location and Schedule

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Offered during: Evening

Advertised schedule: Second Summer Session, Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-8:30 pm     


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Online Learning

Enhanced Online Learning: Access to web-based tools required, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.


Date Revision
June 12th, 2014 Course Cancelled- Students may be interested in the alternative course "Video Editing: Art & Artifice"

Registration Information

Credits: 4 (Summer)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 24


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