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Senior Seminar: Reflections on Becoming Educated

Spring 2014 quarter

Stephen Beck philosophy

If you are in your last year of undergraduate study at Evergreen, this course will help you to reflect on your education – its overall shape, and its significance both for yourself and for the world you will live in. You will lead a seminar on a central topic or theme of your education, and you will participate in seminars on other students' educations. You will assign a text to others and read texts they assign you. Through this work we will explore connections among each others' studies and consider what it means to have a liberal arts education. You will also write and revise your Academic Statement, which you may include in your transcript. Note: For students newly admitted to Evergreen in 2013-14 and beyond, a transcript Academic Statement is a graduation requirement. 

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5:30-9:30p Tue
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