Taiwan: the beautiful Formosa

Summer 2014 quarter

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media and Chinese studies

Note: Summer session begins June 23.  Travel for this program begins June 18 (before summer session begins).

This interdisciplinary study-abroad program offers an introduction to Chinese culture through the lenses of language and social and political systems. Students will experience Taiwan, the Republic of China, one of the four Asian Tigers up close. We will travel to the city of Taipei, (the capital of the Republic of China), Tainan (a historical gem), and Kaohsiung (the largest harbor in Taiwan), to learn about the modern Chinese business and cultural centers in a modern democratic republic. Students will have the opportunity to witness modern, traditional, urban, suburban and rural life in this land and discover how Chinese traditional culture coexists with a modern westernized society. The program includes academic study at two of the Chinese universities in Taiwan. There will be language study, day trips, and guided study tours to museums, including the National Palace of Museum and historical sites. Students can also explore the blossoming artistic and cultural scenes on this beautiful tropical island.
China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures. It is one of largest trading partners of the United States, while Taiwan, with its Chinese roots, focuses investment in latest information technology, advanced sustainable agriculture and ecological development, which made it an international trading powerhouse with impressive foreign exchange reserve. Students can examine the contemporary Chinese culture in Taiwan and how it exerts its influence to the world by working with its Chinese counterpart on the mainland. We will also have a closer look into Chinese ethnic culture, religion, and its people.

During the first session of the summer, all students will travel with the class for a three week study trip. After the study trip, students will return to Evergreen campus to continue their studies in the second session using on-line resources and communication for continuous Chinese studies. Portfolios including video and/or blog documentary can be developed from the study trip. Enroll for eight credits for first session only or 12 credits for the full summer session.  Students enrolled for 12 credits will continue to meet on campus during second session to work on video or photo journals documenting the trip and reflect on the learning through seminars, readings, and film discussions on related topics and issues.

For more information please contact the faculty or see  http://blogs.evergreen.edu/chinesestudyabroad/about-page/

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Preparatory for studies or careers in

International studies, International Business, Language Studies, Cultural Studies, Sustainable development and agriculture.

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Advertised schedule: Study trip to Taiwan in first session. Approximately three weeks beginning June 18, 2014 for study abroad. Please note: Summer session begins June 23.  Travel for this program begins June 18 (before summer session begins).  Pre-travel class meeting on May 21, 4:45 to 6pm. .   After returning from travel, class meets 9am to 1pm Saturdays (beginning July 12).   


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Online Learning

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Required Fees

Approximately $3000 for study abroad program fee.

Study Abroad

This class travels to Taiwan beginning June 18 (before summer session begins).  Pre-travel class meeting on May 21, time and location TBA. Travel continues for three weeks.  Cost is approximately $3000 (includes airfare, program fees in Chinese universities, lodging, and transportation). 

Registration Information

Credits: 8, 12 (Summer)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 25


Course Reference Numbers

First Session (8 credits): 40015
Full Session (12 credits): 40016

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