Environmental Rhetoric and Communication

Winter 2015 quarter

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history of science and technology

Professionals in every environmental discipline must communicate with diverse audiences in clear and persuasive prose. In this program, we will study key examples of argumentative writing in the environmental movement and examine the rhetorical strategies that make them effective forms of communication. Students will also develop their own capacity to communicate with both academic and popular audiences through a series of assignments focusing on contemporary environmental issues.

Faculty Biography
Kevin Francis, Ph.D., is a historian and philosopher of science, with particular interest in the development of the environmental sciences. Kevin studied biology and philosophy at Reed College. After graduating, he spent several years working as a wildlife biologist for Mt. Hood National Forest. His graduate studies at the University of Minnesota focused on history of science and medicine. His historical research concerns scientific efforts to understand the mass extinction of North American megafauna (e.g. mammoth, mastodon, giant ground sloth) around 12,000 years ago, especially the way that various disciplines approach this problem.

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