Business and Culture Along the Silk Roads


Fall 2014, Winter 2015 and Spring 2015 quarters

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visual arts, Chinese studies, human development
economics, management, community organization

 Good training in business management and cultural competence are essential requirements for the development of successful and sustainable enterprises. This program will focus on the interconnections between business, economy, and culture, with a specific application to trade, cultural exchange, and community development along the Silk Roads.

For centuries, the ancient Silk Roads moved ideas and goods between the great civilizations of Asia, Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and the New World. From Marco Polo to Genghis Khan to modern China, the Silk Roads have connected empires and fostered the development of music, art, religion and most importantly, commerce throughout Asia and the world. In this program we will study contemporary and historical Silk Roads to envision sustainable Silk Roads commerce of the future. We will develop learning skills and practical knowledge that are necessary to provide a strong foundation and vision for understanding the business and economic globalization along the Silk Roads, and how they impact the economic future of  the Pacific Northwest.
We will learn about business, cultures, international trade, social enterprises, and intercultural communication. The program will be foundational for forming business pathways to move toward greater cultural and environmental sustainability.

In spring quarter we will concentrate on business management, leadership and developing sustainable applications of students’ business plans. We will study basic business accounting and explore the transformation of Silk Roads societies through globalization. Our study will combine theory and practice and include an extended research project.
Class will meet on Saturdays, 10am-2pm, and in addition to study in the classroom, students will have the opportunity to perform in-program learning internships with local businesses and/or cultural centers.
Spring Dates: Sat. 10am-2pm, April 4, 11, 25,  May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6. April 15-16 - overnight field trip to LaPush, Quileute Indian Reservation.
Student fees: $50.00 lodging and meals on overnight field trip to LaPush, Quileute Indian Reservation.



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Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

Business, intercultural leadership, international trade, marketing, developing sustainable applications of students’ business plans.

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Offered during: Weekend

Advertised schedule:    Winter Dates: First Winter Meeting: Saturday Jan 10, 9a, Sem 2 A1105;  Sat. 9a-5p, Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7, 21, 28 plus the Lunar Year Year/Tai Ji celebration Fri/Sat/Sun, Feb 20 (6-9p), Feb 21, 22(10a-5p) Travel and study abroad: March 1 - April 4 Spring dates: April 4, 11, 25,  May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6. April 15-16 - overnight field trip to LaPush, Quileute Indian Reservation.  


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Online Learning

Enhanced Online Learning: Access to web-based tools required, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.

Required Fees

Fall: $50 for overnight field trip to LaPush; Winter: $15 for Lunar New Year Celebration and calligraphy supplies; Spring: $50 for overnight field trip to Quileutte  

Internship Possibilities

Business and community organisations, public and private k-12 schools

Study Abroad

Vietnam and China, 2-8 weeks in Winter and Spring quarters starting Feb 23, 2015, cost: approximately $2500-$4500 depending on the length of stay.


Date Revision
December 9th, 2014 Date of Lunar New Year celebration changed (was weekend of Feb 14)

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Credits: 8 (Fall); 8, 12 (Winter); 8 (Spring)

Class standing: Freshmen–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 50


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(8 credits): 10003

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(8 credits): 20003
(12 credits): 20004

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Accepting New Students

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Students need to demonstrate prior knowlege of business and cultural/language competency

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(8 credits): 30003

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