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Title   Offering Standing Credits When F W S Su
Tom Womeldorff and Midori Takagi
  Program FR–SR 16 Day F 15
Savvina Chowdhury and Ratna Roy
  Program FR–SR 16 Day S 16
Miranda Mellis, Peter Bohmer and Elizabeth Williamson
  Program FR–SR 16 Day and Evening F 15
Tyrus Smith, Dee Dunn, Suzanne Simons, Frances Solomon, Peter Bacho, Barbara Laners, Arlen Speights, Anthony Zaragoza, Paul McCreary, Mingxia Li and Gilda Sheppard
  Program JR–SR 16 Day and Evening F 15 W 16 S 16
Stephen Buxbaum and Lester Krupp
  Program SO–SR 8 Weekend F 15 W 16 S 16
Jeanne Hahn and Paul McMillin
  Program SO–SR 16 Day W 16
Michael Vavrus
  Program JR–SR 16 Day F 15
Michael Vavrus
  Program FR ONLY 16 Day S 16
Martha Rosemeyer, Thomas Johnson and Carolyn Prouty
  Program SO–SR 16 Day W 16 S 16
Stephen Beck
  Program SO–SR 8 Evening W 16
Thuy Vu and Dariush Khaleghi
  Program FR–SR 8 Weekend F 15 W 16
Tom Womeldorff
  Program FR–SO 16 Day W 16
Jennifer Gerend and Ralph Murphy
Signature Required: Spring 
  Program JR–SR 16 Day W 16 S 16
Peter Bohmer
  Program SO–SR 16 Day S 16
Lawrence Mosqueda
  Program SO–SR 16 Day F 15
Alice Nelson, Savvina Chowdhury and Therese Saliba
Signature Required: Winter  Spring 
  Program SO–SR 16 Day F 15 W 16 S 16
Michael Vavrus
Signature Required: Winter 
  SOS SO–SR 16 Day W 16