Fall 2015 quarter

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literature, queer studies


So many short college essays under your belt that you are eager to write longer and more complex essays; passion for literature; a sense of humor, including a love of parody; readiness to read about other people's genders and sexualities (with a chance, but no guarantee, that your own will be represented).

For a quarter century, queer theory has challenged the stultifying and tedious impositions of sexual conformity. Little wonder that literature departments provide the home for so much of the critical work of queer theory: literature is—or at least can be—dissonant, insurgent, unruly, sexy, ironic, satirical, parodic, disruptive, extraordinary, unbalanced, obscure, elusive. The eccentricities of literary arts provide one of the vocabularies through which queer gender and sexuality can be elaborated.

In this program, we will read both literature and theory. Lectures and workshops will model ways of pursing literary criticism. Seminars will place the texts at the center of the work. Writing assignments will emphasize expository composition. Readings will emphasize edginess, margins, and willful alienation from any of a number of centers. They will also emphasize sex, pleasure, desire, dissidence, camp, politics, and power.

It is likely that this program will share a lecture series in common with related programs in cultural studies.

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Fields of Study

Preparatory for studies or careers in

critical and creative writing and gender and sexuality studies with a focus on literature and queer theory. This program is also preparatory for Literary Arts Toolkit offered winter-spring.

Location and Schedule

Campus location



Offered during: Day and Evening


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Online Learning

Enhanced Online Learning: Access to web-based tools required, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.

Required Fees

$50 for film and museum admission expenses.


Date Revision
December 23rd, 2014 This program has been cancelled.

Registration Information

Credits: 16 (Fall)

Class standing: Junior–Senior

Maximum enrollment: 25


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