Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions: Inorganic Chemistry

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Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 quarters

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physical chemistry


Students must have successfully completed one year of college-level general chemistry with laboratory.

The full-time program Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions covers quantum mechanics, inorganic chemistry (in fall and winter), and thermodynamics (in winter and spring), all at the upper-division science level. Each of these subjects is available to students as an individual component by taking the variable credit option within Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions .

In the inorganic chemistry component, we will cover advanced inorganic chemistry topics in atomic structure and periodicity, bonding models, symmetry elements and operations, point groups, character tables, molecular orbital theory, photoelectron spectroscopy, acid-base concepts, solid-state chemistry, and coordination compounds and their chemistry, including bonding models.

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2017-05-22This is available for 8 credits in fall and 4 credits in winter (not 4 credits both quarters).