Bridging Cultures

Spring 2017 quarter

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This program is a unique experiment in intercultural learning. Students from Daejeon University in Korea will join students at The Evergreen State College for a rich exploration of culture and communication. What do we need to know about other people, other cultures, and other places in order to be competent intercultural communicators? What do we need to know about the cultural forces and cognitive patterns that limit our ability to communicate across significant differences? How can we help other people learn the language we speak when we don’t yet speak their language? How do the stories we tell about ourselves and our communities challenge and enrich cross-cultural learning? How is meaning shaped by both national culture and international media? These are just a few of the questions students will explore in this program.

Program activities will highlight themes of communication, narrative, language, and context. Students will learn about foundational concepts in intercultural communication theory, and work to expand their intercultural competence through research, practice and reflection. Students will explore the power of storytelling as a means of sharing experiences and engaging with the lived experiences of others. Students will work collaboratively as language learners and language mentors, supported by introductory study of ESL instruction techniques. Together we will investigate the cultural intersections of story, communication, language, and context through academic reading, small group projects, films, field trips, food, and fiction novels. 

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american studies communication education international studies

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communication, international studies, and education.


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First class meeting: Monday, April 3 at 9:30am (Sem II C4107)

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$300 for entrance fees and an overnight field trip.


2017-03-08This program now accepts all class levels.
2016-12-29New spring opportunity added. This replaces the program Culture Matters, originally developed by Lori Blewett and Laura Citrin.