Business, Biology, and Sustainable Solutions

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Fall 2017 quarter

Taught by

biology, virology, molecular biology

This program will allow students to develop an understanding of the relationship between business and biology, particularly how natural resources are used for business. We will explore how business practices and biological technology shape, impact, and are influenced by natural resource limitations and policies. Our emphasis will be on the Western United States, with a particular focus on how watershed resources are utilized directly or indirectly for business. The program includes fundamental work in entrepreneurship, ecotourism, sustainability, energy, water use, and biology. Students leaving this program will be better equipped to understand how a successful business operates, and how to work within the constraints imposed by competition, government, and limited natural resources. In addition, students will gain an understanding about sustainable alternatives to existing infrastructure.

Program Details

Fields of Study

biology business and management

Preparatory For

biology and business.


Fall Open

Location and Schedule

Campus Location


Time Offered


Advertised Schedule

First class meeting: Tuesday, September 26 at 10am (Sem II B3105)

Online Learning

No Required Online Learning

Special Expenses

Students will need to purchase a plane ticket for a field trip (approximately $200).


$250 for overnight field trips.


2017-09-19Special expense added (approximately $200).
2017-09-19Fee reduced (from $450 to $250).
2017-04-25Fee added ($450)
2017-04-20This program is now fall only.