Cornerstone: Foundations for Success

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Winter 2018 quarter

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poetry and literary arts, community studies/Middle East studies, journalism

For new and returning students, this class is designed to help develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in your college experience. There are many kinds of academic learning and many ways of knowing. Students will have to make sense of lectures, discussions, literature, and research, all of which involve different approaches to learning. This course is designed to help you discover a pathway toward reading, writing and discussing critical issues relevant to your complex worlds. Students will examine how to increase their understanding and knowledge in relation to Evergreen's Five Foci (Interdisciplinary Study, Collaborative Learning, Learning Across Significant Differences, Personal Engagement, and Linking Theory with Practical Applications) as well as charting a course for a liberal arts degree that links career goals with lifelong learning.

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cultural studies education writing


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Thursdays 5:30-9:30p

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