Creating Dance: Basic Technique, Theory, and Composition

Fall 2017
Credits per quarter

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modern dance, kinesiology

This full-time, one-quarter program is a basic course of study in fine art dance that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced dancers wanting to refine basic dance skills. Fundamentals of modern dance technique, theory, improvisation, composition, and performance will be covered. Original student dance compositions will be systematically developed and performed regularly for peer and faculty critique. We will use the Nikolais/Louis system, a technique based in the principles of anatomy and kinesiology as developed by Rudolf von Laban, Hanya Holm, Alwin Nikolais, and Murray Louis. Throughout the quarter we will learn a basic kinesiological grammar expressed in values of shape, space, time, and motion. The study of experiential anatomy ("somatics") and kinesiology form the foundation of a basic artistic technique leading to three interrelated program goals: 1) to establish and maintain a safe and healthy dance technique that includes sound protocols for injury prevention and care, 2) to develop clarity of artistic exposition, 3) to place the art of dance in its social, historical, and interdisciplinary context. Completion of the program will prepare students for intermediate study in dance and physical theater.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: dance, theater, and performance art

Online learning:
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Students must be willing and able to undertake strenuous physical and kinetic exercise, much like an athlete.

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Located in: Olympia

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First class meeting: Monday, September 25 at 11am (Com 209)