East and West: Sanskrit and Greek Dance and Theatre

Spring 2017 quarter

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In this program, students will learn about two traditions of theatre and movement that come out of a common origin. They will study both spoken Greek theatre and gestural movement coming out of Sanskrit from South Asia. The gestural movement in Sanskrit theatre came out of various peoples not understanding Sanskrit, resulting in the creation of dance theatre that is communicable to one and all. Thus, they will learn a language similar to sign language. All students will be participating in both theatre and dance/gestural language workshops, resulting in a performance that incorporates material from both traditions. They will rehearse in order to produce theatre/movement/gestural language from both traditions. Performance art is also communication art. We will explore two traditions of performance art that will include technical theatre. There will be interactive lectures, two workshops, and rehearsals every week. Attendance is imperative.

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aesthetics art history classics communication cultural studies dance international studies literature somatic studies theater visual arts writing

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teaching in the arts, international studies, and South-Asian studies.


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First class meeting: Tuesday, April 4th at 11am (Sem II D4107)

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$75 for performance tickets and art supplies.


2017-02-16Fee increased (from $50 to $75).
2016-02-03New spring opportunity added.