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Spring 2018 quarter

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management science, statistics

Marketing is a process of customer satisfaction that begins with knowing who the customers and potential customers are and how to meet their needs. A business organization can exist only so long as it fulfills its customers’ needs and wants by accurately identifying and thoroughly understanding them. Therefore, how do we apply critical-thinking skills to business management and marketing? In particular, what is the role of consumer behavior in marketing research? How do consumers’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors form and change? What roles do culture and social influences play in marketing?

In the process of answering these questions, students will learn fundamental concepts necessary to understanding factors that influence consumer behavior. They will be exposed to quantitative methods relating to business and to marketing in particular. They will learn the role of consumer behavior in making marketing management decisions and the use of statistical presentation software such as Tableau to analyze consumers. Other topics will include marketing research methods, environmental analysis, market segmentation, product positioning, brand perceptions, and marketing mix. Credit will likely be awarded in microeconomics, business, marketing, and quantitative methods. Our exploration will include lectures, seminars, workshops, films, guest speakers, and student presentations.

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business and management mathematics

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business, marketing, advertising, management, and economics


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Hybrid Online Learning < 25% Delivered Online


2017-05-16This program is now offered to Juniors and Seniors only.