Geology and Ecology of Land-Ocean Margins

Fall 2017 quarter

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oceanography, marine biology

Land-ocean margins such as coasts and estuaries are dynamic systems affected by both continental and marine processes. These boundary systems between land and sea contain unique habitats characterized by high biodiversity and elevated biological productivity. 

This program examines the geologic processes that generate coastal land forms and the physical forces that shape these features (e.g. tides, waves, and currents). In addition, we will study how organisms have adapted to the stresses associated with intertidal and estuarine environments and the factors that explain their elevated productivity. Current issues associated with the management of coastal resources, shoreline erosion, and geologic hazard preparation will be discussed. Labs will introduce methods in geology and ecology. Workshops will develop quantitative reasoning skills and introduce GIS software. Through field trips, the program will explore a variety of coastal and estuarine environments along the Pacific coast of Washington and on Puget Sound. This program provides a model of interdisciplinary approaches that are needed for successful work in environmental studies.

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biology environmental studies geology marine science

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marine and earth sciences


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First class meeting: Tuesday, September 26 at 10am (Lecture Hall 02)

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2017-05-04This program is now offered to Sophomores.