Multicultural Counseling

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Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Spring 2019 quarters

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one year of college -level psychology or  12 credits in psychology

If it is possible to genuinely meet and discover each other as persons—actually to empathize with and understand both the cultural beliefs and political views of each other—then I think the obscured future may be penetrated with some clear rays of light that we may realistically hope for a better world.   — Carl Rogers (1902-1987)

This program will engage in the study of multicultural counseling from theory, practice, and application. The practice of counseling, applied cultural competency skills, and evolving one's skills as a counselor will be developed throughout the yearlong program. Learning goals include acquiring a theoretical and applied understanding of psychological theory and practice from emotional, biological, cultural, and social contextual perspectives. Expressive-arts therapy practice and experience will be integrated in the program throughout the year. We will incorporate diverse pedagogical strategies including lecture, discussion, dialogue, seminar, films, counseling labs, and expressive-arts therapy laboratories.

During fall students will study personality theory and explore the relationship between personality theory and applied counseling skills. In winter, students will study ethics in the helping professions. During fall and winter quarters students will participate in visual and expressive arts studies in the evening to study cultural identity. In spring students will study abnormal psychology and diverse populations. During some spring weekends students will study applied mindfulness for clinical populations. Social justice, multicultural counseling theory, mindfulness-based practice, integrative health, and emerging therapy paradigms will be explored throughout the yearlong inquiry.

In both winter and spring quarters students will be required to complete 6-credit internships in local counseling/mental health settings, providing opportunities to integrate theory and practice. Anticipated credit equivalencies for the program include personality theory, abnormal psychology, counseling skills, and clinical practicum in mental health.

Program Details

Fields of Study

community studies consciousness studies cultural studies psychology

Preparatory For

psychology, social work, human services, and expressive arts therapies.


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Time Offered

Day, Evening, and Weekend

Online Learning

Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online

Special Expenses

Students should expect to spend between $60- $80 on personal art supplies and clay in the fall and $40 in the winter.


$100 in fall, $75 in winter, and $50 in spring for art supplies for ceramics, drawing, and expressive arts therapy.