Nature and Nurture: Human Development and the Environment

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Spring 2019
Credits per quarter

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ecology, biology, mycology

This program is a repeat of winter. Students enrolled in the winter program should not enroll in the spring offering.

Only one land animal thrives from the Arctic tundra to the Saharan desert, from the Himalayas to the islands of Oceania. As humans, we shape our environments and these environments shape us. This introductory, one-quarter program will focus on how our environment affects our health and psychological development. We will use the twin lens of developmental psychology and human biology to examine the interaction between humans and our environments.

Using real-world examples, we will explore child development and the influence of environment on development. We will also study human anatomy and physiology and will use current disease and health challenges as an invitation to learn how the body and diseases function. At the end of the program students will be ready be for intermediate studies in psychology, biology, and human health.

Topics will be covered through texts, workshops, seminars, lab exercises, field trips, and lectures. Students will be expected to research topics, write papers, and give presentations, both individually and in small groups. Student progress will be assessed through discussions, written assignments, exams, individual and group projects, and participation in program activities.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: teaching, biology, psychology, and health-related fields.

Online learning:
  • Enhanced Online Learning - This offering requires access to web-based tools, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.

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Located in: Olympia