Remix Reverse Remediate

Fall 2017
Class Size: 50
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature
Julie Russo square
media studies, gender & women's studies, sexuality and queer studies

This advanced, coordinated studies program delves into a range of models and approaches to remixing as an aesthetic method for argumentation, satire, and criticism, including sampling, poaching, adaptation, parody, détournement, and culture jamming. A remix is a text composed by recombining and/or altering elements of other texts. Most commonly applied to songs and videos since the term’s origins in '60s and '70s club music, the idea of remixing also encompasses a long legacy of collective, intertextual, or recombinatory art.

In this program, we will explore the theoretical underpinnings of appropriation as a praxis, interrogate authorship and originality, and learn about the historical emergence of intellectual property and feminist/postcolonial interventions into the concept. Our objects will include transformative video and literary works by both artists and vernacular creators (fans, activists) that act to re/mediate, re/verse, and re/mix media as a form of critical social practice and irreverent collaboration. How do collages or cut-ups draw out nascent potentials and obscured or problematic aspects of their source texts? We will also do our own collaborative composing and experimental remixing, enacting several writing and film/video editing exercises toward generating our own critical-creative contestations. This cycle will include re/moving, re/combining, and re/shaping as modalities.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

media, publishing, arts, and graduate study in the humanities


Credits per quarter


This is an advanced humanities and arts program that includes substantial reading in theory as well as intensive critical and creative projects. Students must have previous study in literary or media arts, literary or media studies, critical theory, and/or related disciplines, whether as part of college studies or professional/artistic practice.  

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Class Standing: Sophomore–Senior
Class Size: 50

Scheduled for: Day

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First class meeting: Tuesday, September 26 at 10am (Lib 1005)

Located in: Olympia