Student-Originated Studies: Literary Arts Capstone

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Spring 2018 quarter

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book arts, literature, creative writing
fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature

This upper-division literary arts workshop provides students with a forum for extended practice in creative writing, literary criticism, book arts, or hybrid works, and it offers the possibility for the development or completion of capstone projects. It is intended for students who have significant college-level experience in writing literary texts, and who are committed to prose forms and narrative arts (fiction, nonfiction) and book arts related to a literary project (or in a literary vein).

This program will be a lively forum for discussing literary practices; it will help students develop direction as writers and provide support and deadlines for a major project. Program work entails extensive readings from peer and published work, in-class writing exercises, and discussions of works in progress. Documentary, multimedia, hybrid, and post-genre writing projects are welcome. We will look at a number of works by other writers working in and from a range of genres, registers, lineages, and attitudes, which will be useful for your own work. Regular program requirements include but are not limited to: writing daily, bringing original writing to workshop, reading and critiquing the work of other participants, rigorous and serious revision, attendance at all required lectures, giving a talk on a chosen author, writing critical essays, attendance at all required public readings, and meeting with faculty individually to talk about your work. Your final narrative evaluation will be based on your manuscript and your class participation.

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aesthetics literature writing

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writing, literature, publishing, and the arts



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