Studio Projects: Outside the Lines

Fall 2017
Winter 2018
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Ruth Hayes
animation, media studies
Sweet square
printmaking, drawing

The dominant concept of Euro-U.S. fine art holds that first and foremost, art serves the artist's self-expression. This assumption requires viewers of art to relinquish their own associations and experiences, and essentially submit to art’s "power." Other theories suggest that art serves varied roles extending well beyond the artist’s self-expression. For millennia, indigenous and ancient cultures have created and used images and objects to serve ritual and ceremony, or to galvanize communities. Only recently have Euro-U.S. contemporary artists taken up alternative forms and functions—deploying art as a change agent, provoking examination of outmoded paradigms, and questioning the status quo. Images, objects, and experiences "sneak up" on us and surprise us. These works do so disguised as ordinary objects or images that we don’t initially perceive as art in the conventional sense. Such art appears in the guise of postcards and mail art, graphic novels, web zines, flip books, actions and performances, toys and other forms. In this program, we will question and explore the division between the purpose art has traditionally served and alternative ways art can operate. We will pursue this inquiry through multiple learning modes, including studio practice, contemporary art theory and art history lectures, screenings, readings, written assignments, individual creative projects, and seminars.

We will ground the program in two studio practices: animation and printmaking. Because both originate in drawing, fall quarter will be devoted to learning animation, basic drawing skills and theory. Basic drawing will include animation exercises, observational and life drawing techniques. In winter, students will apply basic drawing and animating skills to animation and intaglio (etching) printmaking projects, with the goal of gaining basic studio skills and foundational visual and media literacy. Students will also learn a range of creative concept development practices, enhancing their knowledge of alternative ways of making and thinking about art.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: studio art, visual and media literacy, art history, education, and the humanities

Online learning:
  • Enhanced Online Learning - This offering requires access to web-based tools, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.
Special expenses:

Approximately $150 per quarter for animation, drawing, and printmaking materials.


$15 in winter for supplies.

Scheduled for: Day

Located in: Olympia

Advertised schedule:

First winter class meeting: Monday, January 8 at 10am (tbd)

2017-11-16Special Expenses increased (from $100 to $150).
2017-11-16This program will accept new enrollment with faculty signature.
2017-05-22Winter fee added ($15).