Truth and Reason

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Spring 2018 quarter

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ecology, plant biology
physics, education

While the current headlines and stories focus on "the post-truth era," the task of separating truth from fiction has been a struggle throughout history. One of the key turning points was the development of what is now called "scientific reasoning." In this program, we will explore that historical development while providing opportunities to further develop our own scientific thinking and integrative reasoning skills. The context for this development will focus on issues that have strong scientific foundations but remain targets of debate—issues such as the theory of evolution, the use of vaccines, and the observed changes in Earth's climate. We will learn about the scientific method of observation, reasoning, and hypothesis testing while looking at how the social, cultural, and political context can affect debates and decisions. We’ll read articles from both scientific and popular literature, develop skills in quantitative reasoning and interpretation of data, and evaluate the assumptions of various advocacy organizations. Students will develop their ability to present well-reasoned arguments through frequent writing assignments and group discussions.

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philosophy of science

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science, policy, and advocacy.


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Evening and Weekend

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6-10p Wed and 9a-4:30p Sat

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