Undergraduate Research and Projects in Critical and Creative Practices

Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Spring 2019 quarters

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aesthetics and philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis
academic and creative nonfiction writing, community studies, analog game design

This is an opportunity for students to work on faculty-driven scholarly and creative projects. By working with faculty in a studio and research “apprentice” model, students will gain hands-on experience in visual arts studio practices; film/media production practices; the creative writing workshop focused on craft, critical research, and writing; library and archival research practices; and much more.

Kathleen Eamon (social and political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of art) has interests in German idealism (Kant and Hegel), historical materialism (Marx, 20th-century Marxists, and critical theory), and psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan). She is currently working on an unorthodox project about Kant and Freud, under the working title, “States of Partial Undress: The Fantasy of Sociability.” Students working with Kathleen will have opportunities to join her in her inquiry, learn about and pursue research in the humanities, and critically respond to the project as it comes together. In addition to work in Kantian aesthetics and Freudian dream theory, the project will involve questions about futurity, individual wishes and fantasies, and the possibility of collective and progressive models of sociability and fantasy.

Joli Sandoz (creative nonfiction) directs scholarly research focused on critique and/or the writing of creative nonfiction, or critique and/or design of analog games. This opportunity is open to people nearing the end of their Evergreen education who may wish to pursue a major research project, senior thesis, or capstone project in their particular relevant interest. Projects of this type bring together theory and application in the critical and creative pursuit of knowledge new to the researcher. Outstanding creative and critical projects add value to graduate school and job applications, and can enhance skills in synthesis, analysis, and creative thinking and practice. Sandoz specializes in personal and lyric essays, and in board and card games; she does not sponsor projects centered on autobiography, memoir, or computer games (interesting as those topics are).

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african american studies art history communication cultural studies gender and women's studies literature media arts media studies visual arts writing

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creative writing, writing, education, editing, media studies, media production, visual arts, film studies, web development, and the humanities


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