Unpacking Counter Narratives: Examining Multiple Perspectives and Diverse Voices

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Spring 2018 quarter

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teacher education, critical pedagogy
educational policy studies, qualitative research methods

How can we create different forms of education, knowledge, and literacy through storytelling, oral history, multimedia, and popular culture in order to provide a space for marginalized voices to be heard? To address this question, this program will examine how counter-narrative and qualitative research offer a framework for diverse voices to share, research, and create unique, personal, and contextualized multicultural learning experiences. By engaging in the study of education, literature, storytelling, and multimedia, we will explore the lives and experiences of people from different cultures, times, and places. The study of counter-narratives will also help us make meaning of our daily encounters, language, intersectionality, and strategies for community-building. As a pedagogical framework, the examination of counter-narratives will help us expand our understanding of teaching, learning, and language. A major objective of our study of counter-narratives is for students to expand their understanding of research from multiple perspectives and generate new frameworks for cross-cultural education.

In this unique and collaborative program between Evergreen and Daejeon University in Korea, we will investigate how to conduct oral-history research, storytelling, and learning in a diverse community. In addition, this program will serve as an opportunity for students to work collaboratively as language learners and language mentors, supported by introductory study of ESL instruction techniques. Together we will investigate the intersections of story, communication, language, and context through academic reading, small group projects, films, field trips, and food.

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cultural studies education language studies writing

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education, teaching English language learners, qualitative research, and oral history


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$250 for entrance fees, transportation, and an overnight field trip.


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