Veterans' Next Mission: Crossing the Bridge Between Military and Academic Life

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Fall 2017 quarter

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military history, communications, veterans affairs and policy

This course is envisioned to aid active duty, veterans and dependents in adjusting to a college environment and to provide them with an orientation to the tools that are available to help them adjust. We will use a seminar format, where class members discuss issues confronting their re-entry into the civilian community, particularly an academic environment. Through reading and research, you will discover effective tools and strategies for dealing with those challenges. The class will feature short lectures and films on various topics, followed by discussions. Students will read the novel,   Catch -22, and discuss it, do a team research project, resulting in a paper and presentation, and write short essays on various topics. You will interact with guest lecturers, share your discoveries with classmates, and keep a  journal of your feelings, emotions and observations over the length of the quarter. Credit will be awarded in research methods and in descriptive, expository, and creative writing.

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leadership studies sociology writing


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6-9:30p Thu

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