Tips for Using the Catalog

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Choosing Your Program

Before anything else -- make sure you're looking at the correct year's catalog!


You'll get an alphabetical listing of all programs and courses currently scheduled for 2015-16.  This is over 200 entries, so you'll want to filter them down to find those that will be the best fit for you.

One way to do this is to find all the offerings that are available to you for fall quarter.  To do this, go into the Searching and Filtering options drop-down and set the Credits, Class Standing, and Starting Quarter desired.  For example, a junior looking for a full-time program for Fall Quarter would set these as below:



The other way is to first filter for offerings that include a particular discipline or field of study.  To do this, click the Catalog Views drop-down, and then click Fields of Study. 

fields of study

This will allow you to choose a particular field (e.g., Psychology, Marine Science, Media Studies) and view all programs and courses that include that field among their fields of study.  Once you've chosen a specific field, you can further filter the list by class level, credits, and starting quarter, as above.

If You'll be Taking a 16-Credit Program:
  • You'll only be registering for one program per quarter, but you should choose several back-up options, in case your top choice is filled by the time you register.
  • Since different class levels register on different days (seniors on Monday, juniors on Tuesday, etc.), we ensure that students in each level have an equal shot at getting in by holding a proportional number of seats for each class level.  So, for instance, a two-faculty program open to juniors and seniors would have its 50 total seats divided into 25 senior and 25 junior seats, as shown below.


On the other hand, if you were registering for a single-faculty program open to all levels, as shown below, there would be only six seats for each class level.


If your top pick looks like this, it's especially important to have some back-ups in mind!

If You'll be Taking Part-Time Programs and/or Evening and Weekend Classes:
  • We do NOT hold seats for each class level for these--anything offered for less than 16 credits has all seats opened on the first day of registration, and they go first-come first-served.  This means some of our more popular courses (e.g., ceramics, psychology) can fill on the first day with seniors.  Again, be sure to have back-ups!
  • We strongly advise you not to take 16 credits' worth of classes and part-time programs; they end up requiring more time and work than a single 16-credit program.  Please contact Advising if you have questions about an appropriate credit load for your particular situation.