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Children's Center Teachers and Staff

Casey Lalonde, Director

Office #: (360) 867-6062

casey birdsallThank you for your interest in Evergreen's Campus Children's Center.

I have been the Director since January of 2008. Before coming to Evergreen, I was a director at a for-profit center, the Early Learning Program Coordinator at the Hands On Children's Museum, an Early Childhood Training & Curriculum Specialist on a military base overseas, and a Montessori schoolteacher.

I began working with children in 1995. I was awarded a B.A. from Evergreen in 1996 and an M.S. in Education from Walden University in 2003. I believe that Evergreen's philosophy coincides very well with our philosophy: both emphasize a student-centered, holistic approach where compassion, responsibility, critical thinking, and creativity are valued.

Avis Shrestha, Office Assistant

avis russellMy name is Avis Shrestha.  I am a graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. 

I have been working in Early Childhood Education for ten years and have experience working as an Office Assistant in several different government agencies. I believe our experiences in early childhood are the foundation upon which much of our later happiness and success are built.  I feel privileged to be a part of the lives of the children and families here. 

I enjoy being a part of the Evergreen community, where the enthusiasm for and enjoyment of learning are tangible values that are reflected in our program and classrooms.

Donna Simon, Assistant Director
King of the Teachers
Preschool 2: Geoduck Room

donna simonHi, my name is Donna. I began my adventure with other people's children in 1970, with Head Start. Since then I have provided care in my home, in a private for profit Center, and have been with the Campus Children's Center since 1987.

I received my AA in Early Childhood from South Puget Sound Community College and Centralia College, and I am a '96 graduate of Evergreen. I am a Master Teacher and Mentor. Evergreen is an amazing environment for children of all ages. I believe the 3 R's should be WondeR, DiscoveR, and ExpeRience.

Kelly Pratt, Early Childhood Program Specialist II
Preschool 1: Fox Room

My name is Kelly Pratt and I have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 18 years. I have an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from South Puget Sound Community College and earned my Bachelor's degree from our very own Evergreen State College. I have worked with all age groups (infant to school age) in my career and have enjoyed them all. I believe in relationship based care which means that, to be effective, I need to have a strong relationship with each child in my class. By getting to know each child as an individual, I can plan strategies that support their learning, behavior, and growth in the best possible way for that child. I also believe that the best way to support a child is by working in partnership with the parents. I have a deep respect for the joys and struggles experienced by parents and enjoy working with them to support their child. 

Pat Sarmento, Early Childhood Program Specialist I
Preschool 2: Geoduck Room

I was born and raised in Hawaii and have been living in Olympia since 1979. Since that time I have co-owned/co-directed a Child Development Center in the Olympia area.My educational background is a B.S. in Elementary Education/Child Development and Family Relationships from BYU-Hawaii Campus and a M.S. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Northern Colorado. Working with children is my passion and has been my passion for most of my life.

Erin Miller, Early Childhood Program Specialist II
Toddler 2: Owl Room

Hi! My name is Erin Miller. I have grown up taking care of and teaching children. I began young, taking care of my five cousins, and I just never stopped! I took babysitting courses, junior lifeguarding, and in high school became a lifeguard, swimming lesson instructor, and coach to the Lewis County Swim Team and Special Olympics Swim Team. Basically I lived at the pool in high school! After high school I was restless, so I did a few years of traveling and working various other fields. None of those jobs were for me, and I knew that I had to get back in the field of childcare and teaching.

I received an Associate of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2010 from Centralia College and the continued on to Evergreen and was awarded my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. In the meantime, I worked part-time at the Centralia College Children's Lab school as an Early Childhood Program Specialist I and cared for my grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. I debated continuing on in school and looked into masters programs but in my heart, I knew that I did not want work in the field of school age teaching. My heart is really with young children. Their energy and excitement for life fuel me, and i cannot imagine working in any other field. 

Tallie Ramsfield, Early Childhood Program Specialist II
Bunny Room

Bio coming soon!

William "Daniel" Georgeson, Early Childhood Program Specialist I
Toddler 1: Bunny Room

My name is William “Daniel” Georgeson. I graduated from Evergreen after August of 2012, with emphasis in literature, poetry, and the performing arts, sprinkling in education, linguistics, and philosophy for some flavor.

I started as a student staff at the Campus Children's Center here in spring of 2010, and after wading through the waters a bit, I feel excited and ready to swim laps through the pool of early learning full speed. I've had some volunteer experience in the past with summer day camps and short nursery care in the past, as well as “babysitting” (though I promise I've never sat on a baby in my life) for family friends in high school.

I come from a family that highly values education, with an uncle and aunt who've both worked at childcare centers before, a different aunt in alternative K-8 teaching in Seattle, and another uncle with experience in high school education. My mother is an associate professor at CWU in children's literacy and advises student teachers in their growth toward becoming primary educators, and my father taught English as a second language to adults in the past. As you can imagine, I had a whole team of cheerleaders behind me as I dove into this adventure as well! Thank you for allowing us to get to know your children.

I believe that the community created at places like this are important to a child's growth and success, and I hope to support that growth and success however I can!

Tracy "Loulu" Sandvig, Early Childhood Program Specialist I
Toddler 2: Owl Room

loulu sandvigHey, I'm Loulu. I've worked here since February of 2004.

While here I have worked in all the classrooms from the infants to the preschoolers. I started out in school age care through the YWCA in my hometown of Walla Walla, but moved on to early childhood and discovered that it was this younger age group that I really wanted to continue to work with. Since then I've worked in multiple centers in the Olympia area.

I really love working here at the Campus Children's Center. It is such a great place filled with wonderful people (young and young at heart) and surrounded by a college campus that provides us with so many unique learning experiences and adventures.

Marilyn Fuller, Early Childhood Program Specialist II
Infants: Lamb Room

marilyn Hi, my name is Marilyn Fuller.  I have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.  My home on the holidays looks a lot like a children's center.  I did not plan that, it just happened. 

I have been dedicated to Early Childhood Education for over 22 years.  I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and an ATA in Early Childhood Education.  I take STARS classes each year. I belong to SSAEYC, which supports the education of ECE providers.  I am also an Infant Massage Trainer.

Amber Elson Morris, Early Childhood Program Specialist I
Preschool 1: Fox

amber elsonHello, my name is Amber Elson Morris. I've been working at The Evergreen Campus Children's Center as a Program Specialist 1 since September of 2003. I've spent most of this time working with the infants and toddlers. I have had three years of early childhood education. I continue my education each year, with at least ten hours of STARS/ECE credit. I've worked in various childcare centers and worked for Sound to Harbor Head Start as a teaching assistant for two years prior to coming to Evergreen. I married my husband Anthony in 2006 and became a mommy to 9-year-old Damon and 5-year-old Kayden. In May 2007 we welcomed our daughter Callie Marie into our lives. When I'm not at work, I like to spend time with my family doing something fun outdoors.

Bill Bryce, Early Childhood Specialist 1: Infants

Bio coming soon!