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College websites to help untangle the budget & the budget decision making process

This page contains annotated links to series of college wide informational web pages about the current budget. By clicking on the links below you will come to a brief summary about what is on the website. From there you can link directly to the website(s) for more information:

Note, the answers to the specific you outlined at the retreat are in the process of being addressed. Thanks for your patience.

The colleges budget policy and how it addresses the states expectations (College handbook)

  • Overview of some of the requirements in the Budget and Accounting Act;
  • Who develops the TESC budget proposals, who reviews and revises the proposals, and who approves them;
  • Timeline of budget requests that TESC needs to meet;

Governor's Budget Recommendation:

Analysis of Governers Proposed Budget Recommendations (Edie Harding and Steve Trotter)

  • Explains some reasons for the states budget situation;
  • Explains what the governer is proposing;
  • Outlines the legislatures role in responding to the proposal;
  • Gives information about how to stay up to date about the nature of those legislative conversations. 

Memorandum outlining Evergreen's budget planning process for this year (President Les Purse)

"The President published a memorandum to the campus describing the budget planning process for the year. The memo included a charge to the College Budget Council, the Financial Futures Group, a Core Values Group and a Communications Group. It also included a diagram outlining the work of the four groups." (from the Office of Operational Planning and Budget)


Overview to how Evergreen's budget works
(Steve Trotter and the Office of Operational Planning and Budget)

"This Guide to Evergreen’s Budget is offered, as a community resource to Evergreen’s faculty, staff, students and other interested people to provide a clear and simple overview of the college’s various budgets and sources of revenues. It describes:

  • the four basic college budgets and their interrelationships,
  • the sources of revenue that support those budgets,
  • how the money is spent,
  • and the general timeline for budget decisions.

This guide was developed in response to campus community requests for a brief and easy-to-understand document about Evergreen’s complex budget environment to help demystify the college’s various budgets. Evergreen produces a number of documents and reports on budget, expenditures and revenue collections and well as the many programs and services that the college provides. This guide provides a quick insight into Evergreen’s budgets and sources of revenues."

Questions that this document specifically addresses:

    • Just how big is the college's budget? Where does it come from?
    • What are the major college budgets?
    • How is the operating budget spent?
    • What are the major ativities in the operating budget?
    • How is Evergreen's capital budget spent?
    • Why do the operating and capital budgets change year after year?
    • How is the State's operating and capital budget created?
    • How is Evergreen's operating and capital budget created?
    • Timeline of capital and operating budget decisions
    • What is the Grant's and Aid budget?
    • What is contained in the Auxiliary budget?
    • Glossary of commonly used budget terms

    Legislative news, updates & newsletter  

    This site, which is in development, will give you information about the role of the legislature with issues that are of concern to Evergreen. It will also explain things such as the different roles of CFR (College Faculty Representative); what the student representation looks like.

    NOTE: Edie Harding puts out a regular newsletter, the Legislative Update,during the legislative session which keeps the campus informed about legislative issues that may affect the college.

    Don Bantz' Budget Update

    Academic budget information will be posted on this page in order for all faculty to have access to the latest information.